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Metal chain link fence outside of a sports field.

Metal security fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl, and wood fences are all popular for creating a secure perimeter. Depending on whether you are looking for security fencing for homes or commercial properties and combined with your specific requirements, the best security fence option will be different for each project. Here is a quick guide to the different types of outdoor security fence options and what is right for you.

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Different Types of Security Fencing

tall white vinyl security fence corner view

Residential Security Fence

Many people prefer to install fences around their yards for added security, privacy, and safety. Depending on your specific preferences, there are a number of options for materials, height, and style of fences and gates for added security.

You do not have to sacrifice style for security in your yard. In fact, many homeowners find that adding a security fence improves the look of their yard. At Ultimate Fence, we have a wide selection of styles and colors of home security fence products, including vinyl, chain link, aluminum, post-and-rail, and wood fences and gates.

If you are interested in installing a residential security fence but aren’t sure what type you should choose for your home, give as a call today at 603-818-3619 and tell us a little bit about your property and your priorities regarding security and design. We are happy to give you our professional recommendations and help you determine the best type of fence for your property.


Security Fencing for Commercial Facilities

Security fencing and gates are essential at commercial facilities. Chain link fencing is considered the best security fence type for many businesses and commercial spaces because it is extremely durable, secure, and affordable.

Because chain link is an inexpensive fence material, you can install a high security fence around a large perimeter, as is necessary for many commercial properties, without breaking your budget.

Chain link fences are very durable and will last many years with virtually no maintenance. Ultimate Fence sells and installs chain link fence security gates and chain link fencing in various colors and heights, as well as in covered or open styles. Covered style chain link fencing provides more privacy than open chain link fencing and can be a good option for businesses that want to reduce visibility to potential intruders, but both styles are equally sturdy and secure.

chain link fencing around business outdoors
chain link fencing surrounding pool

Pool Security Fence

If you have a pool, it is important for both safety and security to install a fence surrounding it. A pool fence ensures that your swimming pool stays safely enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets getting too close without proper supervision.

Having a pool is a wonderful way to make your backyard into your own personal oasis, but unfortunately, a private pool can be a draw for intruders. Installing a high security fence around your pool is a good idea to reduce visibility and keep your pool secure, safe, and private.

We sell and install pool security fencing in a wide variety of styles and materials. Reach out to Ultimate Fence today for a free quote on your pool fence project!


Why Choose Ultimate Fence?

We always charge fair prices for our work and are happy to work with you to come up with the best solution to get you the fence you want within the budget you need. We offer financing options through Hearth to help you install the security fence you need while staying within your budget.

With ten years of experience installing fences on residential and commercial properties, you can trust our skilled installers to get the job done right. We have extensive experience with all types of fence installations, including:

At Ultimate fence we take great pride in providing our customers with unmatched customer service, quality workmanship, and experience you can trust. We work on every fence project as if it were in our own backyard, giving it the care and attention it deserves and ensuring proper installation. We also work efficiently so your project gets completed on time and you’re not left waiting. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!


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