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Our Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great option when you're searching for a sturdy, long lasting fence in the Derry, New Hampshire area. The vinyl fences we install at Ultimate Fence are high quality and carefully constructed from renewable resources for a strong, beautiful final product.

Take a look into vinyl fencing for an option that will provide you with both visual appeal and practicality in one package. Our vinyl fence options in all shapes and sizes create the long term style you're looking for with a value that is hard to beat.

Key Features of our Vinyl Fences

The three main components of our high-quality vinyl fences in Derry New Hampshire ensure their long-lasting, low-maintenance qualities.

At Ultimate Fence, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service and uncompromising craftsmanship on every vinyl fence we install. Our reputation is built on the quality we provide, and we take pride in putting our name on every fence we build.

When it comes to vinyl fencing, we understand that each project is distinct and should enhance your property's functionality, security, and curb appeal. Explore the various features available for your vinyl fence project and see how it can transform your home. Our team of experts is here to assist you in choosing the ideal vinyl fence that perfectly complements your residential or commercial property in Derry New Hampshire. Experience the beauty and durability of vinyl fencing with Ultimate Fence.

Derry, New Hampshire vinyl fence contractor

Strong Vinyl Posts
Our top-of-the-line vinyl fences are engineered to endure the challenging climate and weather conditions of Derry New Hampshire. With our expert fence team handling the installation, you can be sure that your vinyl fence posts will provide lasting strength and stability. We take pride in building vinyl fences that not only look great but also withstand the test of time. It all begins with sturdy fence posts that form the foundation of your vinyl fence.

All our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets undergo a special manufacturing process to ensure they are highly scratch-resistant, maintain the beautiful appearance of new vinyl fencing, and resist color fading caused by the harsh sun and weather conditions in Derry New Hampshire.

Derry, New Hampshire vinyl fence contractor

Strong Vinyl Rails
At Ultimate Fence, our top-of-the-line vinyl rails set us apart from the competition. Unlike other options in the Derry New Hampshire area, our rails are of a higher grade, making a crucial difference in the strength of your vinyl fence.

Lower-quality vinyl fences often suffer from weak horizontal rails, vulnerable to damage from people sitting on the fence, climbing it, leaning heavy objects, or branches falling on top. Our vinyl fences are designed to last, and a key factor in their longevity and pristine appearance is the high-quality vinyl fencing materials we use for both residential and commercial projects.

To ensure durability, all our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets undergo a special manufacturing process, making them highly scratch-resistant and maintaining the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing. Moreover, they resist color fading due to the harsh sun and weather conditions in Derry New Hampshire. Trust in our exceptional vinyl fencing solutions for lasting quality and beauty.

Derry, New Hampshire vinyl fence contractor

High-Quality Vinyl Pickets
At Ultimate Fence, we take pride in installing top-of-the-line vinyl fence pickets. Just like our posts and rails, our high-quality pickets are designed to withstand the rigors of Derry New Hampshire's climate. While thicker vinyl walls may cost slightly more, the investment is worth it as vinyl fences in our area endure significant wear and tear, making our premium pickets essential for long-lasting results.

When it comes to vinyl fences that stand the test of time and retain their appeal, high-quality vinyl pickets are a must. We ensure that all our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets undergo a special manufacturing process, making them highly scratch-resistant, maintaining the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resisting color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Derry New Hampshire. Choose our vinyl fencing solutions for unmatched durability and visual appeal.

Vinyl fencing is the ultimate maintenance-free fencing option for Derry, New Hampshire property owners

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great choice for Derry, New Hampshire. Here are some of the main reasons.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Derry, New Hampshire properties.

Vinyl fencing across New Hampshire is low-maintenance and doesn't require heavy duty cleaning. When it does need cleaning, it can simply be hosed down with water or gently washed with dish soap and water. Vinyl fencing will last for many years, doesn't fade, and will not break under normal use.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Derry, New Hampshire properties.

Being one of the best options for residences and businesses across the state, vinyl fencing is a cost effective option due to its versatility and long life span. Without the need for costly repairs, vinyl fencing is not the cheapest upfront option in fence materials, but it will outlast other types that are cheaper at the start.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Derry, New Hampshire properties.

Vinyl fencing is one of the best ways to achieve privacy for your Derry, New Hampshire yard. Solid panels of varying heights can be installed around your property creating full privacy from the streetview and your neighbors. It also acts as a sound barrier, creating an even more private space for your family.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Derry, New Hampshire properties.

Next to wood, vinyl fencing is an incredibly versatile material of fencing in New Hampshire. It can be customized in height, picket spacing, panel width, color and texture. With all of these and other features, vinyl fencing can match your style and design better than most other fences.

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Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl fencing can be utilized in a number of ways to improve your Derry, New Hampshire house and yard. Ultimate Fence is ready to help you complete your project and build the fence of your dreams, no matter which option you choose.

Ranch Rail
Vinyl Fencing

Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

Traditional farm fences such as ranch rail type vinyl fencing in New Hampshire have a timeless charm about them. This kind of fence is most often used to create beautiful neighborhood entrances or mark large property borders, though it can be used anywhere you would put your fence.

Vinyl Fencing

Decorative Vinyl Fence

Decorative vinyl fencing is a perfect way to add curb appeal to your New Hampshire property, whether at your home or business. Decorative fencing can enhance the look of your property while also providing security and clearly defining the borders of your property.

Vinyl Fencing

Privacy Vinyl Fence

Derry, New Hampshire homeowners and business owners alike may enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their yard, family, pets, and possessions are safe and secure, thanks to solid privacy vinyl fencing. Vinyl privacy fence panels can range in height from 6' to 8' in height.

Vinyl Fencing

Picket Vinyl Fence

It is also common in the Derry region to see vinyl fencing in picket styles that mimic the look of wood. You can choose vinyl picket fencing with spacing that is closer together or further apart, which will give you the exact level of visibility and aesthetics you desire.

Common Applications of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a beautiful option for many New Hampshire properties when beautiful, low maintenance fencing is needed.

Residential Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire

VinylResidential Fencing

New Hampshire homeowners often choose to install vinyl fencing at their home to protect their space, create privacy and enhance the look of their property, too. The durable, attractive features of the variety of vinyl fence styles looks great and lasts many years.

Commercial Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire

VinylCommercial Fencing

Commercial properties across Derry, NH can benefit from a professionally installed vinyl fence to attract customers and protect employees and materials. Privacy styles and open styles are available.

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Practical Ways to Use Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is a practical type of fencing for many applications across residential and commercial properties.

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Vinyl Pool Fencing in Derry, New Hampshire

Vinyl Pool Fence

Pool areas benefit greatly from vinyl fences. In contrast to wood, PVC does not decay, making it an excellent choice for a border fence. Check with your local authorities to discover what sorts of fence laws exist in your area and look into the designs that are suitable for your needs.

Vinyl Decorative Fencing in Derry, New Hampshire

Vinyl Decorative Fence

When it comes to beautifying your yard or commercial property, vinyl fencing is a popular option for good reason. Vinyl fence is your best pick if you're searching for a long-lasting, low-maintenance fence that stands out impressively.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing in Derry, New Hampshire

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Enclosing your yard and space can be done very well with a vinyl privacy fence in your own particular design and preferences. Creating privacy is simple and beautiful when it's done with a durable, stylish vinyl fence at your home or business.

Buying a Fence in Derry, New Hampshire

Our Easy Process

When it comes to buying a fence, we have simplified the process and created an easy 3-step system. Since 2016, our team at Ultimate Fence in Derry, New Hampshire has provided a wide selection of fence types and styles and served our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Speak to our team to get started on your fence project today!

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Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property

Measure Your Property

On your own or with support from our expert team, get the correct measurements of your property to determine the amount of materials you will need and help us calculate your most accurate quote.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style

Select a Fence Style

Browse through the options of fence types and choose the perfect style to fit your needs and preferences. Our design team is well-trained to know what fences are the best possible fit for you and can help you make your decision.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

Delivery and Installation

Whether you would like to install your fence on your own, or you would like to hire our team to do it professionally, we can help with getting you the right materials or with scheduling our team to complete your fence install.

Examples of our Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
Vinyl Fence - Derry, New Hampshire Fence Company
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
New Hampshire Vinyl Fence
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Absolutely! With the variety in terrain and property needs, vinyl fencing is a great choice for many homeowners and business owners alike. With its low maintenance and durability from the elements, vinyl fencing can meet the needs of any property across New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, too.

Compared to other fence materials in Derry, New Hampshire like chain link or wood, aluminum fencing is more expensive. Look at the overall costs before making a decision based on budget alone. Vinyl fencing is more expensive to install at the onset, however, if you look at the lifespan it gives and the low to nearly no maintenance it offers, the lack of future costs can make the difference and save you time and money in the long run.

Time frames for installation across New Hampshire vary according to the seasons and the list of jobs we currently have lined up. We do our very best to schedule your fence project as soon as we possibly can to meet your needs. Call and speak to one of our friendly experts to find out what the current situation is for you!

Yes! In New Hampshire, vinyl fence is a popular choice for pool fencing. Chemically treated water splashes and the continual humidity in the pool area have no effect on the material. The open picket style of vinyl pool fence may also be installed, but always check your local property pool codes before making a decision. If you have any questions or concerns, our staff at Ultimate Fence is here to serve you.

The Ultimate Fence faqs

We are proud to offer high-quality vinyl fencing from Illusions Fence. Made in the USA, Illusions Fence is the best PVC vinyl fencing in the industry. You can be sure that your vinyl fence is made to last without warping or fading. We offer several designs to enhance your property.

We have lots of white vinyl fencing in stock, available in solid privacy and lattice top privacy. Other colors and styles are available, but are special order. Click on the link to view all styles and colors available from Illusions Fence

We only Armor magnetic latches. These are magnetic self-latching handle style gate latches. They can be locked and unlocks from either side and can be used on left or right handed applications. They are made of durable nylon polymer construction and are engineered to prevent jamming and sticking. A unique feature to the Armor latch is that they are keyed alike, so if you have several gates on your property, they can all be opened with the same key.

It depends! Always check with your specific New Hampshire municipality for the exact details of permitting requirements for your next fence project. Each town is different, so be sure to make the call and obtain the proper paperwork and authorizations needed. If you have any questions, you can contact our office, too.

We set our posts 2 1/2' deep. We mix our concrete using a concrete mixer for better quality and consistency. We use and Quikrete 80 lb. bags for each post and allow a 6-7" frost cap of dirt on top of the concrete to secure the post and base from heaving in the harsh New Hampshire winter weather.

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