Change the Aesthetic of Your Yard

Depending on what type of fence you choose, you can completely transform the aesthetic of your yard. Think about what type of design you’re going for and pick a fence that fits with that. If you are going for a country cottage look, a rustic design might be right for you. Interested in a more traditional look? Go for the white picket fence. There are a ton of different fence design options out there to fit your individual taste.

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No matter how much you like your neighbours, you don’t want them seeing into your backyard all the time. Creating a backyard oasis means using that space as a place to unwind, relax, spend time with your family or take a moment for yourself, and it’s a lot easier to do those things if your yard isn’t visible to every passerby!

Noise Barrier

A backyard fence can go a long way in blocking out street noise and keeping your own sound contained within your yard. It won’t completely shut out noise, of course, but it will lessen traffic noise and keep your backyard conversations more private.

Create a Plant Wall

There are lots of plants that will grow up fences easily, creating a kind of plant wall surrounding your yard, creating a lush look that makes you feel like you’re living in your own jungle paradise. Bonus points if you grow a vine that gives you fresh produce to snack on, like grapes or peas.

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