You’ve got yourself a wooden fence (or are in the market for one) but, well, it feels like it might be just a little bit too plain for you? It looks a bit like everyone else’s, which is a shame. Today, we’re going to look at some different ways that you can jazz up your fence to make it truly stand out on the curb.

Wooden fence surrounding yard

  1. Wellington Boots

This idea uses old boots that your children have grown out of and makes them into fun planters. Why not allow your children to choose plants to grow in their old boots and fix them to the fence?

  1. Bird Boxes

Bird boxes are not just functional, but they can be decorative too. You can get a lot of different kinds of bird boxes and they come in a variety of colors too. What is more, if you can only find plain wooden ones, you can get some paints to decorate them to your desired effect. Placing them in a group or cluster gives an added effect and uniqueness.

  1. Mural

Painting a mural on your fence will give your fence that unique and fresh look that’ll have the neighbors looking across with envy.

  1. Planters

Planters can be used with great effect. It’s a great way to add planting space to a small garden. You can create and effect like a ladder with the planters. Small plants and herbs make great additions to these kinds of fences.

  1. Frames

Why not create an arty wall with frames on your fence. You don’t need to put pictures in them, the empty frames add a stunning, distinctive effect and it’s a look that is very on-trend.

  1. Twinkly Lights

Adding some sparkle with some fair lights is a simple yet effective way to give your garden some elegance. They can also make a small garden seem all the more cozy and romantic. Who said that fences have to be boring?

  1. Hanging Pots

Why not have some pots hanging on your fence? This is another space-saver design for smaller gardens but one that you can also have some fun with! Using brightly colored and decorated pots with overflowing plants can give your garden a sumptuous and succulent feel and make it stand out from everyone else’s.

  1. Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used in a similar way to plant pots but hanging from the fence. However, mason jars are best used with freshly cut flowers from the garden with water in. You can also use them for tea lights to add a more romantic feel to your garden on those summer nights.

  1. Astro Turf

If you want a funky look that’s truly eye-catching, why not secure some Astro Turf onto your fence for that contemporary feel. This is also a good way to disguise a fence that is old and damaged.

  1. Old Trays

Give your garden a vintage feel with some old yet chic silver trays. Secure them to the fence for that remarkably attractive feel.

  1. Half a Table

Only half, you may ask? Yes! Saw an old table in half to create the optical illusion that the table is going through the fence. This gives it a magical, Alice-in-Wonderland feel. You can use the table top part as a shelf for planters and pots too!

  1. Wooden Crates

Wooden boxes or crates can create unique shelving, especially when you paint them in a mixture of natural and bold colors.

  1. Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror, on the … fence? Yes, that’s right! Adding some mirrors to your wooden fence can create the illusion of more space and add more light to small or shady gardens. The reflections of your plants can also make it feel like you’ve got a secret garden feel going on.

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