Your mailbox often sets the tone for not just front yard but also your whole home. Choosing the right mailbox post for your box is therefore crucially important. Let’s have a look at some mailbox posts to let you look for the perfect combination of mailbox and post.

First Impressions

You are proud of the home that you own and enjoy walking to collect your mail. That first impression as someone approaches your driveway really matters whether it is someone from your community or visiting guests. It’s simple that a top-end box should be on a mailbox post that is first-class – the presentation does matter.

Matching Mailbox to Post

First of all, you need to consider how your chosen box will mount to a post. Each mailbox usually comes with a recommendation from the manufacturer as to what kind of post is best for your mailbox. The mailbox manufacturers usually make their own brand posts too if you want to follow the brand.

You can also buy universal mailbox posts if your chosen box doesn’t need a specific mounting on a mailbox post.

In-Ground or No-Dig Mailbox PostsGray mailbox post with black mailbox

You also need to consider how you will attach your mailbox post to the ground. In-Ground posts are driven under the surface of the ground and many of these come with a base that covers the concrete work on the ground that might appear unsightly.

No-Dig posts for mailboxes are mounted on the surface usually bolted to a footing made of concrete without the need for driving the post under the ground.

Mounting: Top, Arm and Side?

You should also consider what type of mounting your mailbox needs. Will it need to be mounted from an arm that protrudes from a vertical post, from the side, or even from the top of the post? A mailbox post that is arm mounted gives you the change to also put up a holder for newspapers too. This type also allows you to drive closely up to the mailbox post to get your mail. Mailboxes mounted on the top of a post are usually the most popular. However, some can be mounted at the side too.

Types of Posts for Mailboxes

What type of post should you consider? Usually, many people opt for a cast aluminum mailbox post as it comes in a vast array of styles so you can choose something that matches your home’s feel and style. People also opt for a more rustic style with wooden posts. These are great choices for rural mailboxes and if your home is surrounded by nature.

Post Color

Lastly, consider the color of the Mailbox post. You can get these posts in many different colors as well as styles. Some companies offer as many as 14 different colors of posts. Popular colors are neutrals as well as white and black. But you don’t have to be limited, there are ways of painting these posts too, depending on their main material and construction.

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