More and more folks are getting into urban gardening these days. Many people find gardening to be a therapeutic and calming activity. The act of cooking a meal using ingredients you grew yourself or filling up a vase with beautiful blooms that you grew from seed is incredibly satisfying, plus it saves you a bundle of money. Here are a few reasons why we recommend that all avid gardeners upgrade their yard with a quality fence.

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Dissuades Pests

First and most important for gardeners, a fence will help to dissuade pests like deer and rabbits from coming into your yard and munching on all of your nice homegrown produce. When choosing a fence, think about which local animals are your main problem and make sure you pick a fence that will keep them out. If deer like to browse your garden for snacks, install a tall fence that they won’t jump over. If local rabbits use your vegetable patch as their personal buffet, choose a fence that doesn’t have any low-to-the-ground gaps they can squeeze through.

Built-in Trellis

Having a fence by your garden gives you a convenient place to grow vining plants like grapes, clematis, or climbing roses onto. Many people love the look of a fence covered in living, growing plants and find that it adds to the overall appearance and feel of their yard.

Reduces Theft

Unfortunately, people stealing vegetables and even flowers from private gardens is very common. If somebody is walking by and sees the pumpkins or sunflowers you worked so hard to grow for yourself, they might just go ahead and take them. Having a fence that blocks your garden’s visibility from the street vastly reduces the likelihood that you’ll lose your precious produce to garden thieves. Ready to improve your garden with a new fence?

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