If you’ve chosen a wooden fence for your property, you can extend its life by following these simple steps and maintenance tips.

Pressure Wash

If your fence begins to look dirty and needs a lift, pressure wash the whole thing. If you notice mold growing on your fence, spray the affected area with a solution of 20% bleach and 80% mild detergent before pressure washing, You should clean your fence every two or three years to keep your fence in the best shape.

Stain and Seal

After pressure washing your fence, always stain and seal it thoroughly in order to keep it safe from rain, snow, and anything else the weather throws at it. This will prevent rotting and keep your fence in good shape for a long time to come.

Add a Rot Board

When having your wood fence installed, go for an option that has a rot board added to the bottom. This is a horizontal board attached to the bottom of the fence in order to prevent excess moisture absorption into your fence’s pickets and prolong the fence’s lifespan.

Annual Inspection

Give your fence a thorough inspection once a year and fix up any loose screws or nails and replace broken boards if you have any. Repairing minor damage quickly as opposed to waiting until the problem is worse will keep your fence functional for longer and will cost less in repairs over the long term.  

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